The rhythm of summer

The rhythm of summer

Giglio Island has a truly unique character. It is a combination of poignant beauty and rootedness to its territory, millenary culture  along with traditions that are renewed and the desire to welcome season after season; Giglio is the very icon  of the “Mediterranean spirit”, with its vital energy that pervades life on the island and sets the pace of events.

Summer events are customarily a well-balanced mix of tradition, culture and entertainment; an articulated programme that reflects the complex personality of our island, and allows audiences to fully experience every moment with a sequence of events. Music, lights, emotions and sharing the moment, these are the ingredients of the season. Events debut in May with the Festa dei Rioni in Giglio Porto, then in July in Campese with the Sagra del Totano (Squid Festival) which is part of the ‘delicious food and pleasure of traditional flavors’ trend. August at the Port hosts the must-see Palio Marinaro challenge and afterwards the grand finale of the season in September in the village of Giglio Castello with the Grape Festival and the Open Cellars, to honor the island’s territory which is strongly suited to offering native wines of the highest quality thanks to its millennial savoir faire.

The most awaited festivity at Giglio Castello is that of the Patron Saint San Mamiliano, one of the most heartfelt and authentic celebrations on the island, with religious rites and entertaining moments in the square, including the Palio degli Asini (Donkey Palio) among the districts of the village.

However, the island’s cultural tourism is also made up of experiences to enjoy; every year Giglio Island hosts important music festivals, photographic exhibitions, theatrical performances that complete the summer season and offer many memorable moments.

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