Flavors and knowledge of an exceptional land

To discover the flavors of Giglio Island, it is necessary to start from its wine tradition: that of Ansonaco, the native vine of the island which has incredibly ancient roots, so much so that the first traces date back to the Greek and Roman period, however the Etruscans had already cultivated these lands before.
Viticulture has always been one of the most important traditional activities of the island of Giglio, a constant challenge of man in these lands surrounded by the sea, contending for an area that is impervious to the Mediterranean scrub, winds and rocks. 

Francesco Petrarca – Itinerarium ad sepulcrum domini – 1358
“Aegilium insula, vino et marmore nobilis”

Paolo Giovio – Historiarum sui temporis tomus secundus, in officina Laurentii Torrentini – 1552
“Insula suavissimo vino celebris”

Stendhal – Viaggio in Italia – 1831
“Je jètte dans la mer les grappes d’un excellent raisin q’on nous apporte de l’ile de Giglio”

The Ansonaco vines grow low on the impervious, steep terrain, suspended between dry granite walls and the blinding blue of the sky and sea. The climatic conditions and a unique terroir offer a wine of great value, straw yellow in colour, with marked aromas, a warm and harmonious flavor and contained acidity. These grapes are also particularly suited for drying in the sun, spread on granite rocks to give life to a sweet passito wine of great quality.

These are our heroic wines, small quantities of exceptional wines, awarded and appreciated internationally.

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Traditional cuisine on the island is part of everyone’s daily life, since each dish conveys a story, an ancient recipe that is renewed daily on island tables. There are countless typical dishes to try, often with a base of poor fish such as, for example, fish in “scaveccio”, floured, fried and seasoned with a particular vinegar-based sauce; or the Tonnina, tuna fillets preserved in salt according to a practice prior to the advent of oil preserves in the second half of the nineteenth century. The Tonnina, obviously desalinated, is served in thin slices together with fresh tomatoes, finely chopped onions and extra virgin olive oil. Even at dessert time, tradition is always served up: the panificato, made with figs, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, grape jam, orange zest, cinnamon, chocolate, is the dessert par excellence of the Giglio Island.
Flavors and aromas of an exceptional land

Giglio’s traditional cuisine uses a combination of simple ingredients to make food lovers enjoy a one of a kind dining experience. Each dish is full of the flavours and aromas of the smaller islands, an exceptional land that holds the secrets of an ancient knowledge and the dedication of local producers.

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