Pro Loco Giglio & Giannutri Islands


The Island in our hearts

In January 2020 a new Board of Directors of the Giglio and Giannutri Pro Loco (Tourist Office) was elected; it includes tour operators and entrepreneurs active on the island, some of which
have been engaged in associations and volunteering for some time. We are a close knit group, motivated and aware of the great responsibility that has been entrusted to us, on an island that has its vocation in tourism as well as the main engine of its economy

The Project

Energy and passion for a fresh start.

Energy and passion for a fresh start.
Italy – along with the entire world – is facing the very serious health and economic crisis caused by the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19. However, we cannot stop, we must continue to promote the great potential of the area, which is why we are convinced that the right approach to our work is to support the Giglio community as a whole. We want to dialogue with anyone who brings positive and constructive energies into the renewed path of tourism promotion, we wish to strengthen relationships with people, because together even small gestures have incredible impact.


Tips, news and initiatives so as not to miss anything that happens.

Team Managers


Ilva Danei
Vice Presidente

Alessandro Centurioni

Giulio Filippini

Our photographer

The shots that illustrate the island

Piero Landini
shoots elements that are part of his life, the natural landscapes he loves. Born on Giglio Island, he has always admired the beauty that is displayed throughout the still largely rugged and wild nature of the area. His shots are a real concentrate of energy and emotions, with lights and colors that make evident the incessant changing of the seasons: from the cobalt reflections of the spring sea to the bright colors of the villages with the grazing sun of dawn, from the light that filters among the treetops of a forest to the rows of vines overlooking the sea. Piero Landini’s subjects are a constant indiscreet look at the mighty nature of the island, his photos reveal it with unique colors; his secret is patience, in finding the moment of the extraordinary places he has always lived, trying to convey with his images the same emotions he feels when shooting.

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