A relaxing shopping experience in a unique setting

Enjoy the sweet and carefree rhythm of island life and indulge in a relaxing walk through the villages after a day of sea and sun. Let yourself be intrigued by the numerous clothing and furnishings boutiques as well as the crafts and souvenir shops.

Late afternoon is the ideal time to visit the small shops overlooking the charming harbor full of boats, before heading to a restaurant for dinner.
Giglio Porto, is best discovered strictly on foot; the promenade is a succession of colors where elegant boutiques and delightful little shops are interspersed. An everyday must-see stop is a walk along the quay, from the red pier to the green pier and through the alleys that meander among the typical houses of the town, which make you want to take pictures every step of the way.

A Giglio Castello is truly worth venturing out to. Roam around and lose yourself in its alleys as you climb up to the square of the Rocca Pisana: here, you’ll be rewarded with an aerial panorama overlooking the entire archipelago, from Elba to Montecristo and on clear days the view stretches to the peaks of Corsica. Don’t miss the shopping experience here and load up on even more positive energy.

The island is permeated throughout by a strong feeling of freedom that you will enjoy day by day; as you get to know it better, Giglio reveals its wild but welcoming and authentic soul. Don’t resist, fall in love with that “sweet life” that the island expresses and offers to visitors; relax for an aperitif in one of the many excellent establishments. Afterwards in Campese, you can wait for the sunset with a cocktail in hand, on the beach, together with the last sunray that plunges into the blue sea.