By sea, underwater, on foot or by bicycle to discover every corner of this paradise

Ignite your sporting passion: Giglio is also the ideal destination for anyone dreaming of a holiday dedicated to sports andadventure, living in close contact  with nature and enjoying their favorite physical activity.

The over 60 kilometres of marked trails with spectacular landscapes and views that dominate the archipelago allow you to explore countless itineraries suitable for everyone, whether you are trekking or hiking. These trails are also perfect for bird watching too. In springtime, but also in late summer, the mild climate makes our island an ideal place for those who travel slowly, on foot or by bicycle.

In May, the Giglio Trail off-road racing competition takes place on the island, with 400 participants tackling a challenging route of over 26 kilometres crossing the steep terrain far and wide; there is also a non-competitive course that allows non-professional athletes to approach this tough sport.

Numerous sports can be practiced on the seashore: kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, but above all snorkeling and diving to immerse yourself in a diving paradise with unparalleled depths. There is also room for swimming, with a non-professional competition that takes place during the summer.

Last but not least, sport fishing boasts a long tradition of both underwater and trolling from boats; the Ricciola Cup takes place every year in the month of October. It is the oldest and rigorously live bait Italian trolling competition during which numerous boats from all over Italy compete against each other.