Finally summer!

Crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature.

For a holiday by the sea in close contact with nature, the Giglio Island is the ideal place, within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The rugged and wild beauty of this island preserves an intact territory, with the sea reflecting its deep blue on the steep granite cliffs. But the coast becomes sweet again, in the myriad of coves and coves that can be reached by boat or by walking along the paths that cross the fragrant Mediterranean scrub which offers panoramic views of undisputed beauty.

Then the wonderful beaches to be discovered that have won the Blue Flag, the international recognition that rewards not only the excellent sea but also other environmental indicators that contribute to creating a perfect holiday. Caldane, Cannelle, Arenella and the large sandy bay of Campese; completely free areas but also equipped bathing establishments, there is always a corner of paradise tailored to everyone’s tastes.

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Not just the sea.

The pleasure of simple things.

The almost primordial charm of unspoiled nature attracts those who want to spend a holiday in the name of sobriety. Scents of scrub, vineyards clinging to the steep slopes overlooking the sea, endless paths to travel the length and breadth of the island, rocky bottoms of rare beauty where you can dive into the deep blue sea, an enchanted country life that it flows pleasantly in the villages. Always perfect for those who love simple pleasures.

But the island is also a treasure trove of opportunities to thrill every visitor all year round; open-air tourism is always fascinating, from running, trekking and cycling along a dense network of ancient paths of over 60 km overlooking the sea, immersed in the scents of scrub and salt.

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Events & Appointments

The desire to get back together

The summer of 2020 just passed was necessarily limited in the context of public shows, under the banner of social distancing. The desire to imagine and plan the 2021 season is an ever-burning beacon that guides us in these hard months of great uncertainty.

For now, we want to tell you about the normality of the summer season of our island, marked by the events that accompany the traditional island patronal festivals: San Lorenzo for the Port, San Rocco for Campese and San Mamiliano for Giglio Castello. Stories of boats and effort with the rowing Palio, emotions and lights for the Campese festival and an incredible charm for the Grape Festival and the open cellars in the alleys of the Castle. Experiences not to be missed, we hope to be able to live them again soon, with even more joy.

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