The entire island is at your fingertips, whether it be by land or by sea. There are scooter rentals and e-bikes, scheduled buses and collective taxis, boats to take you to the beaches or a tour around the island. There’s an option for your every need.

Distances are minimal in the three small towns on Giglio Island and it is always recommended, indeed sometimes obligatory in the summer pedestrian areas, to move only on foot. By walking around, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the tranquility of these villages.
Disembarkation of private vehicles on the island during the summer is restricted, nevertheless leaving your car in one of the many parking lots before boarding the ferry in Porto Santo Stefano can really be the best choice to experience a hassle-free holiday . Even though there is some paid parking distributed among the three towns on the island, it is quite difficult to find a parking space during the summer. In any case, there are numerous ways of getting around the island without using your own car.

Shared Taxis
Some authorized minivans allow quick and comfortable travel around the island, normally they stop at the port in dedicated spaces, but can also be booked by telephone; fares vary according to the route and the number of passengers.
Contact below:
ANDREA ANSALDO – Tel. +39 340 8732865
ANTONIO BLANCO – Tel. +39 347 1941888
OTTAVIO BRIZZI – Tel. +39 338 9706950
ADRIANO PINI – Tel +39 330 731424

Bike Rental
Giglio on two wheels is certainly one of the simplest and most pleasant ways to get around without worrying about parking; you can rent a scooter or a brand new e-bike in the port upon your arrival and set off on your itinerary.

Electric bicycles
ECOBIKE RENT – Giglio Porto – 349 1614258

Scooter Rental
GIGLIO MULTISERVIZI – Giglio Porto – 335 6093627

IL FARO VERDE – Giglio Porto – 338 4320011
NOLEGIGLIO – Giglio Porto – 370 3608468
GIRAGIGLIO – Giglio Porto – 393 2020993
GIGLIONOLEGGIO di Andrea Ansaldo – Giglio Porto – 333 4135507

Car Rental
ADRIANO PINI – Giglio Porto – 347 1941888
GIGLIONOLEGGIO di Andrea Ansaldo – Giglio Porto – 348 8593041

Boatmen and boat rentals for beaches and coves

To make the most of a beautiful day at the sea on the island’s beaches, you can choose to be accompanied via boat by port boatmen (Barcaioli). It’s the perfect solution for those who love the sea, it only takes a few minutes to land directly on a beach or cove that cannot be reached otherwise. The Barcaioli also offer the opportunity to admire the coasts from the sea with the circumnavigation of the island, stopping in several places for a swim in the transparent waters of the most hidden coves.

Here are the numbers:


ALBERTO – Box Giallo> – Giglio Porto – 335 5616623

MARCO BARTOLETTI> – Loc. Arenella – 336 535054 – 348 7078990,

BOATMEN – Box Arancio – Giglio Porto – 349 3508493 – 348 8000541

FRANCESCO ONIDA – Box Blu – Giglio Porto – 349 3941731 – 338 5498549


GIGLIO ISLAND SAILING TEAM – Giglio Campese – 347 2765971

LA PERLA NERA – Giglio Campese – 327 4433986

Or if you prefer a small boat all to yourself you can rent one, both at the port and in Campese:

Contact below:

BARTOLETTI ANDREA – Loc. Arenella, 336 535054 – 348 7078990
BARTOLI ALVINO – Giglio Porto – 347 0547755
GIGLIO SUB – Giglio Porto – 347 1257441
GIRAGIGLIO – Giglio Porto – 393 2020993
PAK – Giglio Porto – 338 3743771
RELAXING BOAT– Giglio Porto – 340 3925109
AZZURRA NAUTICA – Giglio Campese – 347 5904419
GIGLIO ISLAND SAILING TEAM – Giglio Campese – 347 2765971
MARE BLU – Giglio Campese – 345 2370029
PERLA NERA – Giglio Campese – 327 4433986
PLAYA DEL CARMA – Giglio Campese – 339 4237614

Bus Service
The various villages are continuously connected to each other by buses managed by Tiemme; the trips are quite frequent and punctual, however the buses can be very crowded and in any case they do not operate normally during the night.